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Daly Thompson Boo and Henry's BBQ Executive Pitmaster

Boo and Henry’s Memphis Pit BBQ celebrates the rich and savory Southern spirit nurtured by my loving parents. Born in Memphis, Tennessee during the Depression, Jeanne “Boo” and my stepfather Henry Varnell dedicated their lives to Family, Faith, Charity and Community. Food in the South, especially BBQ, was ever-present at celebrations, church socials, fundraisers and milestone events. Bringing people together, with BBQ always present, defined our lives. To this day, BBQ remains the thread that ties us all together.

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Executive Pit Master,
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Elmer Dills Black and white vintage broadcasting into a KABC microphone
Elmer Dills, Legendary Restaurant Critic

If I only had 24 hours left to live..., one of my stops would be The Pig for Memphis-style BBQ ... with Daly Thompson, owner and BBQ chef from Memphis. Daly makes and bottles four different kinds of bbq sauce. Take your pick. But, for something really different, try adding all four sauces at the same time.... The folks who come here really dig BBQ - Jay Leno, Lou Rawls... And you can add me to that long list, too. As a famous general once said, 'I will return!'!

~ ABC7 Dining With Dills

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