BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches are a great alternative to pulled pork or shredded beef. They make a great meal for any occasion or gathering. Depending on the bun used, they can be prepared for smaller appetizers or a truly satisfying meal.

What makes BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches different from other grilled chicken sandwiches is that they are cooked in their barbeque seasonings and sauce, then shredded or pulled apart, and usually served with more rich, flavorful sauce. The end result: A moist, wholly seasoned, lip-smacking sandwich you and your guests will savor.

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Serves: 4 (large) Sammies; or as an appetizer with mini buns, makes 10-16 mini sammies 

Preparation and Cook time: 45 minutes 

  1. Season two (2) half Chickens with Rub Me Tender™ BBQ Seasoning.
  2. Grill on an open Charbroiler until charred on both sides.
  3. While grilling, preheat the oven to 350° F.
  4. In a sauté pan, put the Chicken into a 350° F oven and roast for approximately 20 minutes
  5. When almost done, put back onto charbroiler and baste with “Red-Hot Vinegar” BBQ Sauce.
  6. Glaze both sides with the sauce, and finish on the grill until a dark red color. Remove from grill.
  7. Pull chicken meat into bite size pieces, keep warm.
  8. Toast Artisan Steak Roll, and layer (2 oz.) Cajun Cole Slaw on the bottom roll, and pack approximately (6 oz.).
  9. Place the Pulled Chicken on top of the cole slaw. Pour Memphis Smokin’ Mild or Memphis Smokin’ Hot BBQ Sauce over the meat.
  10. Cut the sandwich at an angle and serve with Pickles, BBQ Beans, and Mustard Potato Salad.

By Daly Thompson, Executive Pitmaster. Decades ago, Daly hung up his starched apron as executive chef at four- and five-star restaurants and returned to his boyhood love of barbeque. Founder of four restaurants, including The Pig in Los Angeles and Boo and Henry’s in Phoenix, Arizona, Daly is a master BBQ educator and enthusiast, bringing authentic, Memphis-style BBQ to the world.